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Rosedale United Church - Interior Restoration & Renovation

Phase 1 – Structural enhancement of the roof was a challenging project as limited access required the maneuvering of steel members by hand through narrow openings prior to placement within the roof space. Temporary facilities were set up in advance to carry out the work in a safe manner.

Phase 2 – Interior renovation. The mandate was to keep the Church functioning during the renovations and DJM worked closely with Church personnel to ensure that the daily activities of the Church were not compromised. At the end of each week an area was prepared for Sunday services. All furnishings including lighting systems and the organ were removed and a complete scaffold system was erected to facilitate the work. The project consisted of extending the altar to allow for multi-functional use, new wood patterned floors replaced carpet and painting of the walls and ceilings enhanced a previously dull and dark space. Faux finishes were used throughout to replicate stone and marble. A new lighting system introduced with multiple effects that could be set to suit the occasion. A large stained glass window behind the altar was restored as well.

* D.J. McRae Contracting was awarded Project of the Year by the Toronto Construction Association for this project.

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Queen's Park (Legislative Assembly of Ontario) - Masonry Restoration

This project included stone conservation, stone replacement, window restoration, poulticing and interior window restoration and excavation. The stone component involved stone conservation of the west courtyard. Details included various Dutchmen, pointing, DHL and extensive stone replacement in excess of 225 stones. A site cut shop and having the skilled trades to perform all carving enabled this project to run smoothly and on time. This feature enabled us to meet the strict deadline, procure stone overseas and provide excellent quality. Eliminating an outside stone shop was crucial in this project. We feel we are able to offer a great advantage in this area. We obtained Portland Brownstone stone from the United States to perform the delicate carving of the beasts at the south entrance. We followed up various correspondence methods required, provided an employee to drive to Connecticut directly to ensure procuring of the stone. We understood the importance of this detailed work and the measures required to complete this component. No contractor on previous phases was able or prepared to perform this task. We also performed the carving on Friday’s only, as requested by the client, without incident over a two-month span; this was beyond what was specified in the contract. This cooperation again illustrates our ability to adapt and the kind of service we can provide to this sensitive building and client. Window conservation on this project was extensive and included both exterior and interior modifications. Scope of work included Dutchmen, sill and glass replacement, epoxy repairs and painting. Work was performed during regular hours and beyond regular hours where required. Work included scheduling in high security areas, working in occupied offices including those of the Premier, Speaker of the House and the Opposition Leader. Detailed work description summaries were performed, including digital photos of desk layouts prior to moving contents, which ensured minimal disruption to these high profile offices. Site coordination with the client and security team was very involved and extremely crucial in the completion of these offices in a professional timely manner. Our forces were aware of these demands and met the criteria involved without any disruptions. Our flexible hour’s policy was also crucial in this area including all shifts and weekend work. We were able to perform in the most secure sensitive areas of Queens Park without incident.

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